About Us

Hello Everyone,

Little Deer Handmade was founded in 2016 Anna.  My name is Lynn and I am beyond excited to embark on this journey with all of you sharing our love of Little Deer Handmade.

I absolutely love premium artisan products and plan to continue the quality and craftsmanship you have come to know and experience with Little Deer Handmade.

 We are inspired to carry forward modern, timeless, well-made, and ethically sourced family apparel.   We value the art of simplicity and integrity; the concept that less is more, and that buying with intention and integrity is possible, even in the world of children’s wear.

We strive to provide children’s fashions that are ethical and affordable. Our products are handmade in Alberta, Canada, using high quality, natural fibres. We specialize in 100% linen, as well as linen/cotton fabric blends. Our core intention is to ethically source and produce garments that respect both humans and the planet. 

We see the true value in small-lot production and the creation of a carefully designed and crafted heirloom garments. These pieces can be worn for special occasions, played in and then passed on to be enjoyed by other little members of the family. Heirloom garments capture the nostalgia of a precious time with your little ones.

For now production is done by myself and my amazing team of local seamstresses.  We can proudly say all of our garments are made ethically with thought and care. 

Little Deer Handmade is a labour of love, coffee and friends.