Marie dress - Gauze and floral - RTS
Marie dress - Gauze and floral - RTS
Marie dress - Gauze and floral - RTS

Marie dress - Gauze and floral - RTS

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The beautiful Marie dress features a high waist, flutter sleeves with fringed lace trim on the skirt makes it perfect for any occasion

A little note on available colours:

White and purple are single gauze which we will double layer.  All remaining colours are double gauze.

Pink and green floral are 100% cotton

    Baby Size Guide

    Size Chest Waist Hips
    3 Mos 18 18 19
    6 Mos 19 19 20
    9 Mos 19 1/2 19 1/4 20 1/2
    12 Mos 20 19 1/2 21
    18 Mos 20 1/2 20 21 1/2

    Kids Size Guide

    Size Chest Waist Hips
    2T 21 20 22
    3T 22 20 3/4 23
    4T 23 21 1/2 24
    5T 24 22 1/2 25
    6T 25 23 1/2 26
    7 26 24 27
    8 27 25 28 1/2
    10 29 26 31
    12 31 27 33

    Ladies Size Guide

    Size Bust
    XS 32 26 35
    S 34 28 37
    M 36 30 39
    L 39 33 42
    XL 42 36 45
    2XL 44 38 47

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