Linen is a natural plant-based fabric made from flax. It has the triple advantage of being hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and delightfully breathable in hot weather. Linen garments are made to last.

New linen has a slightly crisp texture, but with time and play it becomes luxuriously soft. While they get softer, well-worn linen clothes still maintain their shape and natural luster, making them ideal for long term wear. 

Linen is also relatively easy to take care of—it resists dirt and stains, does not pill, has little to no shrinkage when washed, and can be tumble dried, ironed, or steamed.

When people think of linen, they often think of wrinkles. Linen fibers have a natural resin called lignan. At first, the fibers are stiff and crease easily.

We encourage you to embrace these wrinkles and fall in love with them.

Through handling, use, and a little love, these wrinkles naturally become smoother, but you can help them along with a quick iron or steaming. To stay smooth, iron or steam after each wash.